Jen Bajema

Jen has been working with Navin Haffty since April 2010 and brings over 15 years of MEDITECH healthcare experience. She began as a consultant working on a 6.0 implementation and has since transitioned to the recruiting team. Prior to joining Navin Haffty, Jen worked at Overlake Hospital in Bellevue, Washington. It was there that she was introduced to MEDITECH and became an expert in Admissions, Scheduling and Insurance Authorization modules. Jen worked at Overlake for over 5 years; starting out in the Emergency Room registering patients and finally moving to Centralized Scheduling where she became the lead for the Out-Patient Scheduling team. Currently, Jen manages our Go-LIVE support personnel with her main responsibility being to maintain relationships with our Go-LIVE consultants as well as our training staff in order to properly staff client requests.