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  • Navin Haffty Services Brochure
    Why is Navin Haffty the largest and most respected MEDITECH consulting firm in North America? We provide solutions that maximize the value of the MEDITECH EHR. View or download our services brochure to see our full spectrum of services.
  • Navin Haffty Fun Facts
    View or download our “Fun Facts” to learn why your EHR needs Navin Haffty!
  • Navin Haffty Fact Sheet
    Looking for a high-level snapshot of Navin Haffty and our services? This two-pager will give you a quick glimpse into our organization, our vision, our industry recognition and more.
  • Top Considerations When Choosing a MEDITECH Expanse Partner
    Are you considering an implementation of MEDITECH Expanse? How will you know which READY-certified consulting firm is right for you? Before you sign the contract, ask and get answers to these top ten questions.
  • Navin Haffty KLAS Accolades
    Navin Haffty has a solid history of top performance when ranked by KLAS, a third-party industry analyst. Our awards and performance are compiled in this easy to read one pager.
  • Navin Haffty KLAS Implementation Study 2020
    Navin Haffty and Engage were named distinct market leaders in MEDITECH implementation leadership in KLAS’ Implementation Leadership 2020 research study.
  • Navin Haffty KLAS HIT Advisory Study Summary
    Navin Haffty was rated the #1 MEDITECH READY-certified consulting firm in KLAS’ report on healthcare IT advisory services.
  • Navin Haffty KLAS MEDITECH Consulting Study Summary
    Navin Haffty ranked as the top performer in the KLAS “MEDITECH Consulting” study which surveyed 128 healthcare organizations on their satisfaction with consulting firms hired for their MEDITECH projects.
  • Navin Haffty KLAS MEDITECH Web Ambulatory Study Summary
    Navin Haffty was rated the #1 MEDITECH preferred consulting firm in KLAS’ performance report on MEDITECH Web Ambulatory.