Navin Haffty has served as a trusted strategic advisor to our clients since 2001.

  • Developing a strategy to support population health initiatives…
  • Determining the best approach and tools for managing data from diverse sources…
  • Creating an information technology plan that leverages the full capabilities of MEDITECH…
  • Providing strategic information technology leadership to your organization…
  • Determining how to maximize value from your MEDITECH Expanse investment and meet the needs of your organization…

These are among the challenges and business needs of most MEDITECH hospitals. Leveraging the MEDITECH community’s most experienced and respected leadership team, we offer a wide range of strategic services and work closely with each client to customize the best approach and solutions.

  • IT Strategic Planning

    How does your organization make the best decisions regarding its information technology strategy?
    How can information technology be leveraged to address the critical challenges facing your organization?

    Is your information technology strategy aligned with the organization’s mission and goals?
    How do your peers at other MEDITECH hospitals address issues when building their own IT strategic plans and setting long-term strategic objectives?

    Every organization needs a well-defined information technology plan that is understood and supported by all decision makers. Hospital leaders benefit greatly from understanding how best to invest their limited resources and capital in support of overall business goals and enhancement of patient care. Our planning services combine our knowledge of MEDITECH’s capabilities and future direction with accrued lessons learned from aligning IT plans with specific business strategies, best positioning your healthcare organization for enterprise-wide achievement. Navin Haffty has a proven understanding of the strategic issues impacting MEDITECH hospitals and health systems. Our strategy team provides insight and context to assist hospital executives and CIOs with their short and long-term IT strategic planning efforts. Our strategic planning services leverage experienced former MEDITECH CIOs to help you align your plans with organizational goals using practical and achievable methods.

  • CIO Advisory Services

    Navin Haffty’s CIO Advisory Services provide the right mix of coaching, mentoring, development and support to assist newly positioned CIOs in effective leadership. Whether an organization promotes from within or has hired a new information services leader from another organization, our array of services can be customized for short or long-term success. We focus on providing knowledge and methods for effective IT service delivery and leadership growth. Zeroing in on tactical and strategic areas, our CIO Advisory Services can be provided as a combination of on-site and remote interaction and with varying discretion and confidentiality.

    Our team of former MEDITECH CIOs offers insights on strategy, helps overcome cultural challenges and provides leadership in support for this increasingly complex role. We provide structure, tools and templates for IT management processes, long-term planning, budgeting, best practices for IT management and practical insights on how other MEDITECH hospitals are managing key issues. We optimize IT spending through experienced-based methods that foster efficient system procurement, service-oriented IT organizational models and prudent IT staffing allocations. We guide clients to become self-sufficient as they strive to mitigate risk and avoid costly missteps.

  • Interim CIO and CIO Support

    MEDITECH facilities have confidence in Navin Haffty’s experienced resources and our ability to guide clients through IT leadership turnover and gaps. We offer:

    CIO Coaching and Support — We offer insights on strategy, help overcome cultural challenges and provide leadership in support for this increasingly complex role.

    Interim CIOs — By providing short-term coverage, Navin Haffty helps ensure your IT strategy remains on track. Our interim CIO supports your IT operations, assists with the selection of your permanent CIO and helps implement changes to position your new CIO for success.

    Contract CIOs — We contract for multi-year commitments with organizations that struggle to recruit and retain the necessary IT leadership talent or where an employee model is not desirable. Navin Haffty provides structure, tools and templates for IT management processes, long-term planning and budgeting, best practices for IT management and practical insights on how other MEDITECH hospitals are managing key issues. We facilitate optimizing IT spending through efficient system procurement, optimize IT staffing, and guide facilities to reduce risk and avoid costly missteps.

  • Expanse Benefits Identification

    For those organizations considering a migration to Expanse, our assessment tool and process demonstrates the likely financial improvements associated with a successful MEDITECH Expanse implementation. We utilize a detailed, fact-based process, using current benefits realized at hospitals over the past two years. In most cases, Navin Haffty has identified in excess of $1M in annual realizable gains associated with these projects.

  • Population Health

    Spanning the entire organization, population health tools are critical for meeting the evolving demands of payers for measurable improvements in care and quality reporting. Navin Haffty has developed strategies and solutions for MEDITECH hospitals to leverage your existing software, regardless of platform, to address these needs. Whether it is utilizing MEDITECH’s latest tools in Expanse, such as care management and patient registries, or creating a custom data warehouse with dashboards for a MAGIC or C/S hospital, Navin Haffty can help develop and execute population health management strategies using industry and MEDITECH best practices.

  • Analytics

    The ability to rapidly deliver key information to decision makers grows more critical every day. Navin Haffty assists executives and information services departments with developing strategies for analytics and reporting as well as integration of MEDITECH and non-MEDITECH data. Navin Haffty provides a wide array of analytics services, ranging from the strategic level, where we establish analytics strategies and teams, and develop data governance processes, down to the tactical level, where we provide the programming resources needed to support your analytics requirements. Whether you utilize MEDITECH Business & Clinical Analytics or develop a custom data warehouse, Navin Haffty can take your organization from the conceptual level to a fully implemented toolset.

  • Clinical IT Strategy

    Physician and nursing satisfaction, quality patient care and hospital profitability are all dependent upon your clinical IT and EHR strategy. Navin Haffty leads MEDITECH hospitals in building and updating clinical IT strategies. By helping you understand and take advantage of current and upcoming features in MEDITECH’s advanced clinical systems, we optimize integration and interoperability for greater efficiencies. Further, Navin Haffty has developed a unique and robust physician training program with unique tools that has led to 90+% physician adoption across our client base.

  • Total Cost of Ownership Analysis

    Strategic decisions on the choice of core EHR vendors have a significant and lasting impact on the financial success of a healthcare organization. Navin Haffty assists in evaluating proposals from multiple vendors and identifying the true total cost of system implementation and ownership over its lifecycle.

  • IT Governance

    Effective governance can be a differentiator for those organizations with successful IT strategies and strong IT capabilities. Proper alignment of projects and resources with institutional goals and priorities is critical to making best use of limited resources, while meeting an ever-growing demand. Effective governance facilitates an organizational culture that views IT as serving the needs of the greater good of the organization, rather than acting as a barrier.

    We follow an objective process for strategic prioritization based on balancing project benefits, costs and risk. With tools and methodologies developed specifically for organizations that utilize the MEDITECH EHR, Navin Haffty optimizes your IT governance processes and steers your healthcare organization toward long-term success.

  • IT Organizational Benchmarking and Staffing Analysis

    When hospitals and health systems bring in outside consultancies to conduct staffing benchmarks, the goal is often to identify opportunities to reduce staffing, including that of IT. Navin Haffty believes this is a flawed concept.

    IT staffing and costs are rarely centralized and benchmark studies rarely adjust for the complexities of individual IT environments or the requirements of organizational IT strategy. We have the necessary understanding of MEDITECH hospitals’ IT requirements to fine tune standard benchmarks and align staffing levels to performance expectations. We provide full comprehension of the organizational impact any IT staff changes will have on overall organizational goals.

    Having staff with the right set of skills to support your organization’s evolving IT needs is equally as important as having sufficient staff. Navin Haffty evaluates staff skills, optimizes organizational models, identifies service gaps and develops training and remediation strategies that maximize your IT team’s performance.

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