The most experienced MEDITECH READY-certified consulting firm.

Navin Haffty has led more MEDITECH Expanse implementations than all other certified consulting companies combined. Working alongside MEDITECH executives, Navin Haffty co-developed MEDITECH’s READY implementation methodology and was the first consulting firm to be READY certified by MEDITECH. We continue to work closely with MEDITECH to ensure our tools and methodologies take full advantage of new features as they are rolled out. Our clients achieve remarkable results with READY, including outstanding physician adoption of CPOE and PDoc and measurable financial improvements. Navin Haffty’s experienced consultants fine tune the READY methodology for your specific migration needs.

  • Expanse Success Plan

    Hospitals willing to invest in preparation prior to software implementations achieve better results — with lower risks and costs. Advanced planning reduces costs and effort and, more importantly, increases emphasis on improving workflows and processes. This enables key departments to use the implementation to initiate transformational change. We assess organizational readiness, governance, budget and scope, resource, key clinical and operational workflows, and more. Our assessment becomes the road map for a successful Expanse implementation.

  • Expanse Implementation

    MEDITECH offers clinicians a complete web-based EHR. Navin Haffty is the only consulting company that works with MEDITECH in the testing and validation of updates to this software and has partnered with all early adopters.

    • MEDITECH Expanse READY Implementation Methodology

      Navin Haffty provides comprehensive consulting assistance throughout the implementation lifecycle. Our involvement includes pre-project planning, project leadership, physician guidance, best practice design and validation, as-needed hands-on build, training, testing, Go-LIVE, and post-LIVE optimization support. Navin Haffty’s efforts augment MEDITECH’s overall implementation strategy and provide proper planning and execution during all project phases.

    • Project Management Support

      Navin Haffty provides on-site project management throughout the entire project lifecycle. Working in partnership with the MEDITECH project manager, Navin Haffty facilitates the MEDITECH-created project plan, tracking project status throughout. Our project management methodology, Comprehensive Project Approach and Systems Solutions (COMPASSSM), was developed utilizing our years of project management experience, providing tools, best practices and repeatable processes to streamline planning and execution. We aligned COMPASSSM with MEDITECH’s READY implementation strategy, providing clients with tools and templates to facilitate governance, adoption and workflow process documentation.

    • Subject Matter Expert Support

      As part of the READY program, Navin Haffty provides a team of subject matter experts. These healthcare professionals bring many years of both operational experience (nurses, pharmacists, business office managers, etc.) as well as MEDITECH system expertise to guide the optimal design and building of your MEDITECH EHR. They also facilitate the workflow process improvements that leverage the full capabilities of the software. These consultants lead the upfront Design Phase of the implementation, support the Build Phase (including dictionary build and testing), and optimize the system post-LIVE.

    • CPOE Physician Adoption Support

      Navin Haffty provides resources to train physicians and other clinical staff members on the use of Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE) and Physician Documentation (PDoc). The physician trainers work to develop the internal capabilities of the client to prepare for Go-LIVE, and to prepare the client for maintaining the system after the project’s conclusion.

    • Physician Training Program/eLearning Tool

      Navin Haffty has developed a comprehensive physician training program that consistently leads to 90+% physician adoption rates. Our robust physician training program includes an extensive toolkit to help ensure your provider community has the information and support needed for success. This toolkit includes project plans, a metrics dashboard and resource guides. Our clients may opt for access to our Mobile Physician Library of e-learning based micro lessons, which are accessible anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The program allows for flexible, targeted training and support for the entire provider community.


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  • Expanse Ambulatory

    With MEDITECH’s Expanse Ambulatory product, we are once again leading the MEDITECH community. Collaborating with MEDITECH in developing implementation and training tools as well as best practices for Ambulatory, Navin Haffty has assisted dozens of adopters with implementing Expanse Ambulatory, resulting in strong physician adoption and improved productivity. Our capabilities range from higher level project management and strategic leadership to subject matter expertise focusing on best practices for clinical adoption and practice management.

  • Expanse Benefits Identification

    For those organizations considering a migration to Expanse, our assessment tool and process demonstrates the likely financial improvements associated with a successful MEDITECH Expanse implementation. We utilize a detailed, fact-based process, using current benefits realized at hospitals over the past two years. In most cases, Navin Haffty has identified in excess of $1M in annual realizable gains associated with these projects.

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