The Navin Haffty Advantage

Our Thought Leadership

Our thought leadership in the MEDITECH community results from our unique relationship with and exclusive focus on MEDITECH. Some highlights showcasing Navin Haffty’s thought leadership capabilities include:

  • Co-development of MEDITECH’s READY implementation methodology, leading to the highest physician adoption rate in the entire EHR industry!
  • Partnership with MEDITECH on testing and advising on the usability and the functionality of the Expanse release.
  • Co-development of integrated workflows between Web Ambulatory and Expanse.
  • The Navin Haffty Report, our monthly newsletter, and the single best source of MEDITECH news and information.

Nothing distinguishes Navin Haffty in the MEDITECH community more than our monthly newsletter. We pride ourselves on our reputation as the thought leader of the MEDITECH EHR, and our newsletter has proven to be an important contributing factor. It is a source of topical, useful information and serves a wide variety of MEDITECH users. Further, this newsletter allows us to address misinformation from other vendors and sources and provides positive news and updates. Readership currently exceeds 8,000 individuals at more than 1,000 healthcare organizations.

  • Our Tools

    Navin Haffty has invested in a project management office fully dedicated to quality improvement, repeatable methodology, and the success of our client engagements. A sampling of our proprietary tools include over 225 proven MEDITECH Expanse best practice workflows, a complete web-based project management toolkit based on experiences from dozens of Expanse/6.1 implementations, and a mobile-enabled physician training app, providing a convenient training option for busy clinicians.

  • Our Commitment to Excellence

    At Navin Haffty, our mission is to maximize the value of the MEDITECH EHR by leveraging our collective expertise and working in the best interest of our clients. Because of our commitment to excellence, we have enjoyed the best client satisfaction and retention levels in the industry, as referenced by our KLAS and Black Book Research accolades and recognitions, and our long-standing reputation as the MEDITECH consulting leader.

    Our workforce integrates service excellence into all aspects of service delivery, and lives out our values of responsiveness, integrity, quality and collaboration each day.

  • Our Clients

    Since our inception in 2001, Navin Haffty has worked with over 600 MEDITECH clients across all MEDITECH platforms and served more unique Expanse/6.1 clients than all other consulting firms combined. We are proud to have eight of MEDITECH’s 10 largest provider organizations on our list of past and current clients and we have averaged over 100 unique clients each year. They range from large multi-facility enterprises to community and critical access hospitals across North America. Visit our Clients and Testimonials page to view a sample set of the clients we have served and their satisfaction with our services. Or visit our Industry Accolades page to see what our clients have reported to KLAS and Black Book Research about their experience with Navin Haffty.

  • Our Leadership Team

    We are proud of the strength of our leadership team. Each member brings over 15 years of MEDITECH EHR experience to every partnership and remains active in providing strategic solutions to our client base. In the past year, more than a dozen MEDITECH organizations have engaged us to help develop strategic plans for their overall information systems as well as their advanced clinical systems. In addition, we have conducted readiness assessments for many others, and have received industry recognition by KLAS and Black Book Research as a top provider of these services.

  • Our Consultants

    Our consulting team sets us apart from all other consulting firms. We have the largest group of MEDITECH experts assembled anywhere in North America, bringing an unmatched collective expertise to every consulting engagement we deliver. We employ the industry’s largest and most experienced team of READY-certified consultants available, ranging from project managers and senior consultants to clinical and financial specialists. Our staff includes former healthcare CIOs and business directors, as well as physicians, nurses, medical technologists, pharmacists and certified project managers, pharmacy technicians and physician assistants, as well as numerous other allied health professionals. No matter their skill set or background, all consultants on our team bring an unparalleled combination of healthcare operations and direct MEDITECH application experience to each engagement. By leveraging the combined expertise of our consulting team, Navin Haffty stands second to none and is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of any organization utilizing the MEDITECH EHR. Our proven track record of success has led to Best in KLAS awards for Technical Services, HIT Enterprise Implementation Leadership, Planning and Assessment, and Clinical Implementation Supportive and being ranked #1 in Implementation Consultants & Advisors for MEDITECH Implementations, 2018 by Black Book Research.

  • Our MEDITECH Expanse Market Dominance

    As a result of our exclusive focus on MEDITECH, our commitment to client success, and our successful track record of Expanse/6.1 implementations, Navin Haffty has secured approximately 50% of the MEDITECH Expanse/6.1 implementation market share.

  • Our MEDITECH Relationship

    Navin Haffty’s strong and collaborative relationship with MEDITECH adds tremendous value for our clients. Since our inception, we have focused solely on MEDITECH and its customer base. This exclusive focus has enabled us to provide greater insight and gain a more comprehensive understanding of MEDITECH’s capabilities than any other consulting firm. It has also provided us the expertise to deliver innovative solutions to the MEDITECH community. We strongly believe that helping our clients foster their ongoing relationship with MEDITECH directly serves the best interests of all parties. Our status as MEDITECH’s first READY consulting partner is a result of our exclusive focus and dedication to the MEDITECH customer base, as well as our history of service excellence. In 2012, MEDITECH asked that we partner with them in creating the approach being utilized for all new implementations. As the co-developer of the approach, Navin Haffty has significant insight and understanding of its tenets and requirements. Our unique give-and-take relationship with MEDITECH allows us to assist our clients in determining the best approach to building a robust, collaborative partnership to maximize EHR technology. Today, we continue our unique and trusted relationship with MEDITECH as their testing and validation partner for upgrades and significant enhancements to their Expanse software.