Clients & Testimonials

“This afternoon I said goodbye to our Navin Haffty project manager as our Expanse implementation engagement was brought to a successful conclusion. Butler Health System will begin to move forward in the new Expanse era on a unified HCIS across two hospitals, with several dozen clinics, and hundreds of providers. The project manager’s dedication and focus will leave a lasting legacy at BHS. She’s been a steady and strong leader and has made our implementation successful through her intense dedication. The entire Navin Haffty team has been outstanding. I would not hesitate to recommend any of the individual consultants that we’ve worked with these past few years. And in concert, this team has been nothing short of superb. We are fortunate to have been assigned each and every one of them. I also appreciate your partnership. You said we would be in good hands, and you delivered.”

Roger Lutz, CHCIO, HCISPP, MBA, Chief Information Officer
Butler Health System

“Sturgis Hospital contacted Navin Haffty earlier this year to assist with our price transparency initiative. Due to being short staffed, we were behind the eight ball with our target LIVE date, and the compliance deadline was looming. Navin Haffty quickly got up to speed and was able to provide immediate assistance. Our consultant understood our internal situation and offered to help with even menial tasks to alleviate pressure for us. We are grateful to Navin Haffty for helping our facility become compliant with the federal price transparency requirements.”

Rita Denison, HIS Director
Sturgis Hospital

“Through our years of working with Navin Haffty, they have proven time and again they are THE experts in MEDITECH, with a workforce that understands the system and has practical experience working in the hospital setting. Today, as we merge with NorthShore University HealthSystem, we continue our long-term partnership with Navin Haffty utilizing their experienced workforce to provide expertise for our MEDITECH end users.”

Karen Sheehan, Vice President of Information Systems & Chief Information Officer
Swedish Hospital

“Navin Haffty reacted to our immediate needs, as outlandish as they were, on a moment’s notice with no prior relationship established between our two organizations, to supply us with the highest quality resources. We could not be more appreciative of Navin Haffty. We look forward to working with you in the future!”

Adam Fiedler, Senior IT Manager, Application Services & Digital Innovation
Deaconess Health System

“Navin Haffty was key to our successful implementation of MEDITECH Expanse. They assisted us with the business justification to get upgrade approval from our executive team and were extremely flexible in crafting a consulting engagement that would meet our specific needs. Throughout our engagement, they always brought expert guidance to the table when we were unsure of how to proceed on any topic. Whenever we needed additional help outside the scope of our arrangement, they were always able to quickly deliver an excellent resource. Navin Haffty truly understands what it means to partner with a health system to assure their success. I look forward to working with them again in the future.”

Bernie A. Clement, MBA, Vice President of Network Development
Thibodaux Regional Health System

“Navin Haffty has been a trusted consulting partner since we started on our journey to Expanse in 2017. The recent ambulatory Go-LIVEs went very well and the physicians and staff are very happy. Navin Haffty was key in our success.”

Michael McEldowney, Executive Director of IT
Salina Regional Health Center

“RML is a long term acute care hospital serving patients with complex needs requiring longer inpatient stays. Our unique environment called for a consulting firm that was willing to invest the time to understand our needs and goals and develop a customized partnership approach to support us. Navin Haffty met this need. Further, their experience with MEDITECH Expanse is second to none. They bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, and we are excited to have Navin Haffty onboard as a trusted consulting partner supporting us throughout our journey to Expanse.”

Tom Pater, Chief Financial Officer
RML Specialty Hospital

“I cannot express my gratitude to Navin Haffty for providing a such a high-quality resource on short notice. We gained a sense of assurance in having valuable MEDITECH revenue cycle and interface expertise in a time of need.”

Mike Canfield, FACHE, CHCIO, CPHIMS, Vice President and Chief Information Officer
Augusta Health

“Navin Haffty was a key partner throughout our MEDITECH Expanse implementation. As a Canadian Ambulatory beta site, we encountered a number of unexpected challenges, and benefited greatly from the knowledge and expertise that Navin Haffty’s resources brought to the project. They were great to work with, put a lot of effort into understanding our workflows and business requirements, and worked productively with MEDITECH and our hospital team to find workable solutions. Overall, the experience was a positive one that culminated in a remarkably smooth Go-LIVE, and we’ve continued to engage Navin Haffty’s services on select post-implementation initiatives.”

Bohodar Rubashewsky, Vice President - People, Corporate Innovation and Services
Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital

“The Navin Haffty revenue cycle consultant for our MEDITECH Expanse implementation was vital to our success. As soon as she started the project I felt a sense of relief. She is a wealth of knowledge with the experience and skill we needed to get where we are today. She worked evenings, nights, weekends, and did whatever it took to get the job done. I don’t know how we would have been successful without her.”

Chris Cox, Revenue Analyst
Guadalupe Regional Medical Center

“I’m a client from New Jersey who, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, has been calling our Navin Haffty consultant at all hours of the day and night and on weekends too. I totally understand the sanctity of ‘after hours’ and days off, but he is as much a frontline soldier in our country’s great battle against the coronavirus as any physician, nurse, or pharmacist is. Our Navin Haffty consultant is my righthand man for all issues IT-related in my pharmacy, and I thank him for being so gracious in sharing some of his ‘family time’ with me and my pharmacy team. He is a good man, has a tireless work ethic, and we’d be lost without his unique skill set.”


Mark Harris RPh, MAS, Pharm.D., Manager, Pharmacy
Chilton Medical Center

“Navin Haffty’s Expanse preplanning assessment provided us with a clear vision and path to a successful MEDITECH Expanse implementation. They hit the mark with ensuring we identified the appropriate executive sponsors, we understood the magnitude of the implementation and the resources required, and the extent to which executive level participation would be required. This preplanning effort with Navin Haffty was well worth the investment.”

Eric Rogers, CIO
Hebrew SeniorLife

“Our migration to the MEDITECH Expanse EHR was successful due in large part to the team at Navin Haffty. The consultants have a level of expertise and professionalism that allowed the clinicians to feel supported and comfortable with the new workflows and functionality. Navin Haffty provided the guidance we needed to optimize the system for our pediatric care needs in the ambulatory and acute environments.”

Tim Brady, Director of IS
Mt. Washington Pediatric Hospital

“Navin Haffty played a pivotal role in supporting us through the design and build of the MEDITECH Expanse system. We benefited from the Expanse expertise, productive communication and professionalism the consulting team displayed throughout the project.”

Simon Shain, Executive Director
Northbrook Behavioral Health Hospital

“Our palliative care environment posed a special challenge during our migration to Expanse. Navin Haffty stood with us as a trusted consulting partner and guided us through to a successful Go LIVE. We are very pleased to have gone through this journey with Navin Haffty.”

Dr. Christopher Comfort, Chief Operating Officer
Calvary Hospital

“During our selection process for an Expanse consulting firm, we wanted a partner that could help us have a successful implementation with the best outcomes. Navin Haffty’s wealth of experience from their previous MEDITECH Expanse implementations and the quality of their consulting staff were key decision factors in our selection. There is no doubt we have selected the most qualified partner to support our migration to Expanse.”

Paul Frey, Chief Information Officer
Witham Health Services

“Selecting Navin Haffty was the right decision for our MEDITECH MAGIC to Expanse migration. Our goal was a big bang implementation to include Expanse Acute, Ambulatory and ED, and so we needed to partner with the industry leader who had the experience, skills and knowledge to hit the ground running and keep our project on track. The entire consulting team was top notch and did a great job ensuring our success. They were invaluable to this project and we couldn’t have done it without them!”

Jack Horner, Chief Executive Officer
Major Health Partners

“Beth Israel Deaconess engaged Navin Haffty for subject matter expertise and Go-LIVE at-the-elbow support during our implementation of the MEDITECH 6.15 EHR. Our organizations have a long-standing relationship, and I continue to be impressed with the level of knowledge and professionalism displayed by the consulting staff.”

Robert Ackerman, Director of Information Services
Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital - Needham

“I very much appreciated Navin Haffty’s expertise to help Peterson Health achieve excellence throughout our MEDITECH Expanse build, training and implementation processes. We were impressed with our project manager’s intelligence, tenacity, and boundless energy. Because of her project leadership, and the consultants and various trainers who provided physician support during go-LIVE, we were able to achieve success.”

Lisa Medovich, Chief Financial & Compliance Officer
Peterson Health

“I want to thank the Navin Haffty team for being such a wonderful partner in our journey to implement MEDITECH Expanse. This was a huge project for our health system and critically important for the success of our organization. The Navin Haffty team members were rock stars throughout the project! With the help of Navin Haffty we had a very smooth Go-LIVE without any delays. We could not have achieved that without their expertise. The project management, clinical, and financial consultants that worked with us were top-notch and true experts in their fields.”

Paul Murphy, Former Chief Information Officer
Lane Regional Medical Center

“Lane Regional Medical Center had a successful Go-LIVE with MEDITECH Expanse on February 1. Great job to our IS team lead by Paul Murphy, CIO. It is amazing the difference having the right talent manage a Go-LIVE such as this makes. Thank you to Navin Haffty for supporting us throughout this project. Your consulting staff is top notch. Lane was only down a few hours during the actual conversion. We were dropping claims on day 6…very successful conversion!!”

Phil Hacker, Chief Financial Officer
Lane Regional Medical Center

“Navin, Haffty & Associates provided excellent service during our MEDITECH Expanse implementation. I can’t say enough good things about the consultant who provided the on-site services for us. He was professional, had an excellent skill set and was easy to work with. And the executive oversight was great. They kept in touch often enough without being too intrusive.”

John Hanks, Chief Information Officer
East Tennessee Children’s Hospital

“I want to express my appreciation for our Navin Haffty project manager and her contributions to our organization and the MEDITECH Expanse project. She embraced the Goshen team and our culture. She’s helped foster synergy and humbly rejects praise, like a true leader. It seems to be woven into her character to go above and beyond, no matter the task at hand and how difficult or challenging it may be. The higher the pressure, the more she shines! She consistently exceeds expectations. Our team often sings the praises of the entire Navin Haffty consulting staff as we appreciate all their contributions.”

Brad Blosser, MBA, IT Project Management
Goshen Health

“Navin Haffty has always provided us with talented, professional consultants. They have played a critical role in many projects, ranging from report writing, MU3 (PI) preparation, to user training. Navin Haffty is our GO TO for our MEDITECH needs. We always look forward to working with them.”

Sherri Peral, Director of Information Services
Oak Valley Hospital District

“The report writer Navin Haffty supplied did excellent work for Oswego Health. He turned around our reports quickly, efficiently and with a high level of accuracy. We were pleased with the work and the value. We would use them again when the need arises.”

Tara Saya, Manager, Technical Services
Oswego Health

“I want to thank you and the Navin Haffty Team for being such great partners. I say partners because that is exactly what you are. You shared in the ups and downs of the project as if it were your own. You were completely engaged from the start. You were an extension of our workforce but brought so much more to bear. Whenever we had a problem, the Navin Haffty team was there to assist. I’ve never worked with Navin Haffty in the past but have always heard good reviews from colleagues. We really wanted the best in the business for our project and that is exactly what we got. You and your team have gone above and beyond the call of duty to ensure our success and we thank you. In my opinion, you are the best of the best. We’re feeling pretty pumped right now with our success and hopefully you are too because we did it together so THANK YOU!”

Barry W. Ryle, CIO
Oswego Health

“Thank you for a job well done! Your consultants are outstanding to work with and represent Navin Haffty in the most excellent way. We are thankful for the work completed by Navin Haffty and the partnership we have shared. As a small rural PPS hospital in the southeast corner of Kansas we’ve had our struggles this past year, but we are very proud to have accomplished our MEDITECH Expanse Go-LIVE. I am extremely pleased with our collective teams and the work that has been accomplished. Thank you for listening, guiding and assisting us through this great task.”

Lori Rexwinkle, MSN, CEO
Coffeyville Regional Medical Center

“Navin Haffty provided exceptional leadership and guidance during our MEDITECH 6.1 implementation. The consultants did an excellent job helping us achieve a very successful LIVE system. We couldn’t have done it without them. Navin Haffty is a high-quality consulting partner and I look forward to working with you again.”

Loren D. Schroder, Senior VP of Finance & CFO
Phelps Memorial Health Center

“I would like to thank the Navin Haffty team for all you did to make our MEDITECH 6.1 Go-LIVE a success. You provided outstanding support and expertise and we appreciate the dedication you have shown to our staff and facility. We look forward to continuing to work with you as the partnership continues.”

Deborah L. Herzberg, RN, MS, FACHE, CEO
Tri Valley Health System

“Navin Haffty was our first choice from the start due to their demonstrated experience with the newest platform of MEDITECH 6.1. The consultants were very knowledgeable and they went above and beyond their call of duty to ensure a successful implementation. They were great leaders, teachers, mentors and advocates for our facility and we developed relationships that will last well beyond go-live.”

Traci Follett, Director of Clinical Informatics & Education
Sierra View Medical Center

“The 6.1 go-LIVE was an important success for our organization. I have worked with many consultants over the years, but Navin Haffty ’s consultants stood out above the crowd. They were indefatigable, professional, accommodating, talented, and dynamic leaders possessing a high degree of emotional integrity. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy the benefits of their exceptional skills. Their devotion to the project was exemplary.”

Dr. Lynn McGrath, Vice President for Medical Affairs
Deborah Heart and Lung Center

“Navin Haffty was instrumental in making sure we met our go-live date. Not only did we meet the deadline, we met a two-month accelerated deadline and we met it despite many obstacles and extremely challenging and unexpected circumstances along the way. It is a true testament to Navin Haffty’s dedication, determination and perseverance. A special thanks to our consultants who provided much needed expertise for their respective applications and to our project manager, who was brought in during the early stages of this project, in a situation that was totally unexpected. He provided excellent organizational and project management skills to help guide us through this massive project. I know we wouldn’t be where we are today without their support.”

Eric Gasser, Director, Information Systems
Wooster Community Hospital

“Navin, Haffty & Associates has assisted us with many projects over our long tenure in the Meditech environment. They consistently provide qualified consultants and excellent guidance along the way. Our technical engagements have been especially rewarding, allowing us to get an objective, thorough evaluation of our options, so we can make informed decisions regarding our technical environment.”

Richard Cruthirds, Former Chief Information Officer
Peterson Health

“Navin, Haffty & Associates provided us with an outstanding group of professionals for our 6.1 implementation project. They are truly subject matter experts and we would not have been successful without them. Most importantly, they are all good people and will be missed. Our thanks to your entire team for your assistance during this project. You made the transition very smooth.”

Danny Henderson, Manager, IT Projects
Houston Healthcare

“Navin, Haffty & Associates provided excellent support and customer service during our MEDITECH 6.1 implementation. The staff was outstanding and truly incredible throughout the project. The support we received extended up to the senior leadership level. I recommend them to anyone looking for a MEDITECH certified consulting partner.”

Arek M Shennar, Director, Information Services
West Park Hospital District

“The Navin Haffty consultants were very flexible and knowledgeable, and didn’t need any handholding. They got right to work and knew what needed to be done. I am very pleased with the services provided by Navin Haffty.”

Scott Poest, CIO
Lake Regional Health System

“Halifax Health has utilized Navin, Haffty & Associates for years when we required staff augmentation around MEDITECH upgrades and new facility builds. When it came time to choose a consulting partner for our 6.1 implementation, we ultimately chose Navin Haffty. We selected them based on their depth and breadth of talented, experienced consultants, their mission to maintain their focus on MEDITECH’s products and their strong partnership with MEDITECH. We have been very pleased with the consultants they provided for the implementation. They all have done a great job assisting in the overall build and teaching our internal staff. We couldn’t be happier.”

Tom Stafford, VP & CIO
Halifax Health

“We recently completed a MEDITECH launch on June 1, 2017, after planning over a year for this conversion of our hospital systems from McKesson products. The installation was a success due to the performance of Navin Haffty’s supplied personnel and the collaboration among our project team. Our Navin Haffty Project Manager was a master of his craft and the Financial and Clinical Coordinators were very knowledgeable about their areas of expertise. During our planning phase, the Navin Haffty resources identified certain staffing needs and filled each of them with very highly qualified people. Every member of the Navin Haffty team stepped up to the task, they knew their product area and were proactive in resolving our issues. They were also able to address and/or help us navigate issues that crossed applications. Overall, we found them to be very responsive to our needs, and I highly recommend using this firm when MEDITECH consultants are needed.”

Mark L'Italien, Director of Information Services
Salem Regional Medical Center

“For the last several months we have engaged with Navin Haffty to assist us in the build of a MEDITECH platform for the ambulatory surgery center. This was a new venture for us and at first we worked to build the EMR internally with our own super users. It became clear to us that we did not have the expertise to complete the project. We consulted with Navin Haffty to assist us and they did an outstanding job. From the beginning, I was impressed with their level of communication with the project manager and from the consultant. On a weekly basis I received a project summary detailing the progress of the work. The consultant was very well experienced, highly pleasant, and detailed in her work. She was able to identify many areas where we built the dictionary incorrect and showed us how to fully utilize MEDITECH for our benefit. All of our team members enjoyed working with her. It’s clear to me that we would not have been able to complete this project without their assistance. For anyone that is interested in working with a consultant for their MEDITECH needs, I highly recommend Navin Haffty. Their team is well trained, highly knowledgeable, and great to work with!”

Vladimir Radivojevic, former Vice-President Surgical & GI Services
Goshen Health

“We are on our final day of Go-Live support and I am happy to say that thanks to your team this has been a very smooth implementation. We appreciate Navin Haffty’s guidance and support and would highly recommend your services to others. You have a great team.”

Doug Thompson, HIS Director/Project Manager
Upson Regional Medical Center

“We have long valued our partnership with Navin Haffty because of their commitment to excellence and collaborative relationship with MEDITECH. This synergy has undoubtedly benefited your mutual customers like us, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System. This is part of the reason we continue to go back to Navin Haffty. It’s the people that always make the difference. Working with folks like you is a pleasure, without a doubt. The knowledge, experience and confidence that our Navin Haffty consultants have brought to bear to our implementation – revenue cycle, health information management, materials management, ambulatory – are truly world class. The world of consulting would be challenged to find the quality of professionals we have here, working with us, to slay our MEDITECH 6.15 implementation. We believed this to be true during our MAGIC to 6.0 migration and our experiences with Navin Haffty in recent years have only gone to seal this as a fact, consistent and natural truth. To say thank you for being committed to hiring and making available only the most qualified and knowledgeable professionals in the MEDITECH space seems wholly inadequate, but I’m pleased to start with there. With our deepest gratitude, THANK YOU. Greg, Tim, Mark, Laurie, Amy and Steven have contributed materially and fantastically to our on-going implementation. Surely we would have suffered without their great work.”

Audrey Parks, CIO
Salinas Valley Memorial Hospital

“After a significant information technology management change, our organization retained the expertise of two interim industry hospital information technology leaders from Navin, Haffty & Associates. Bottom line, our expectations have been surpassed. The two Navin Haffty technology executives have achieved record results while balancing the culture of the organization. We have seen a 180° change in the morale, professionalism, execution ability, resource consumption, and planning within our IT department. I could go on and on about the seismic difference these two executives have made in our organization. We are now well positioned to have a sustainable model for IT governance, planning, management, and execution. Please contact me for further details.”

Jim Griffith, Senior VP / COO
Tanner Health System

“We engaged Navin Haffty in October of 2015 to backfill our IT application support staff with a combination of on-site and remote support analysts. Navin Haffty was well organized for the transition, sensitive to the needs of our user base and created a seamless transition that allowed our staff to fully focus on the Epic implementation. They provided experienced analysts to support all of our key areas including user provisioning, revenue cycle, pharmacy, lab, physician training, HIM and CPOE to name a few. As special projects arose they provided the as-needed support we required. Navin Haffty provided value, integrity and quality. I recommend them to any organization going through a similar migration from MEDITECH to another EHR vendor.”

Robert Todd, former IT Director
Mount Auburn Hospital

“I would like to personally thank Navin Haffty for the excellent support and customer service we have received for the entirety of the MEDITECH 6.1 implementation. Your staff has been outstanding throughout the project. There is absolutely no chance we would have been successful without these key members from your staff. You truly have incredible people working for your company. Thank you again for your service in this endeavor.”

Bill Bishop, Vice President Information Systems, CIO
Colquitt Regional Medical Center

“Your team has done a wonderful job of helping us to have a smooth transition with our go-live to MEDITECH 6.1. There is no question that having Navin Haffty’s advice on our build has saved lives and will result in improved patient care. Your team have been great to work with over this past year. I would gladly serve as a reference to others considering Navin Haffty for their MEDITECH 6.1 project.”

Dr. Shawn Howerton, Chief Executive Officer
Sampson Regional Medical Center

“Working with John Haffty and his team was one of the brightest spots of the MEDITECH project. From top to bottom Navin Haffty does an excellent job of keeping customer needs in mind. John is well known in the MEDITECH community and has direct, positive and influential relationships with MEDITECH and their executives. John is well known as a straight talker with an intense focus on customer service and customer satisfaction. Right out of the gate you know your relationship with Navin Haffty has a high probability for success. The bottom line is that choosing Navin Haffty will give you a high quality company with the added bonus that the Navin Haffty leadership team, all the way to John Haffty, will be there to support you and work with you to achieve your goals.”

Eric Carey, VP/CIO
The Valley Hospital

“Over the years we have utilized several consultants from Navin Haffty for different MEDITECH projects and have been satisfied with each outcome. For MEDITECH needs Navin Haffty is the first place we go.”

Bonnie Thibault, former Director, Information Services
Exeter Hospital

“Across the board this implementation exceeded expectations. The collaboration and team work demonstrated between our hospital, MEDITECH and Navin Haffty is truly outstanding. We are seeing the results of these teams working together over the past several months. There is trust, respect and a unified goal of success. This is quite impressive to witness.”

John Anderson, Chief Executive Officer
Anderson Regional Medical Center

“We felt that an integrated system was a must. With our MEDITECH 6.1 solution, we are already seeing workflow efficiencies, quality improvements, and improved financial performance reporting. Together, we worked through the transformational process to reach our purpose—achieving a fully integrated EHR. I can’t say enough about the READY methodology.”

Steve Taylor, CIO
Anderson Regional Medical Center

“Port Huron Hospital engaged Navin, Haffty & Associates to bring 6.x expertise to our MEDITECH READY implementation. I have been impressed with the caliber of their consultants and project leadership. Their experience with MEDITECH 6.x combined with their operational knowledge has been instrumental to the success of the READY project.”

Mark Richard, former Chief Information Officer
Port Huron Hospital

“Navin, Haffty and Associates has been a solid consulting partner with Meadville Medical Center and MEDITECH to help implement MEDITECH 6.1. Their experience as the first READY-certified consultancy, fast response to our evolving staffing needs, and their ability to refine and adjust the READY process to a two-hospital collaboration has been critical to the success of our project.”

Michael W. Martz, former Chief Information Officer
Meadville Medical Center

“Boulder Community Health originally engaged Navin, Haffty & Associates for interim analysts to provide support to our 6.0 environment. I have been so impressed with the consultants that we have since engaged them for several additional projects, including assessments and application support. Navin Haffty has become a true partner of Boulder Community Health.”

Linda Minghella, former Chief Information Officer
Boulder Community Health

“Southern Regional Medical Center engaged Navin, Haffty & Associates to bring 6.x expertise to our MEDITECH READY implementation. I was impressed with their expertise and highly engaged consultants. Their experience with MEDITECH 6.x combined with the essence of spirited team work contributed the success of our READY project.”

Dr. W. Cochran, Chief Medical Officer
Southern Regional Medical Center